Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Beginning

 This post marks the beginning of a new endeavor for me: To be a blogger.
Whether or not I have anything to say that will interest, help, or inspire people remains to be seen, but for me, just getting my words "out there" is a goal I have been reaching out for for many years.
To all potential readers of my ramblings, please be forewarned of the following:

1. I started this blog to say what I need to say, in my own words. I don't intend offense to anyone or anything.
2. My thoughts and ideas may not be the same as yours - please be objective :)
3. My beliefs are wide and varied.
4. I'm not the perfect mom, and I will share my imperfections here.
5. There will be a fair amount of poetry - it may be good, it may be bad, but it is mine.

I will leave you with a sonnet I have recently written. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :)

Caged Birds
A heart must not in gilded cage be tied,
Like birds of yore to end their wand'ring ways.
Songbirds and hearts alike no longer glide
When they are kept from their natural ways.

My heart, with love, does overflow and yearns
As sparrows do to share, and soar, and sing.
And dwelling in this heart deep passion burns
To let love fly and take peace on the wing.

But my love reclines in selfish confine,
Banished to prison for crimes yet unknown.
For treasures so rare as this heart of mine
Must be locked up lest it be freed, then flown.

Though my heart, love-laden, needs skies to roam,
It always knows when to turn, and fly home.

Lydia McKinney

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